Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hello again

Guess who's back, back again.
The Rain is back, tell a friend.

Ok, so rain isn't a person but I just wanted to sing my made up song.
And anyway when I sing any lyrics, they never make sense.
So why start now?

Photo by me.
If you were in Bombay this morning, you experienced your first rain of 2014.
Now I'm not the biggest fan of rain but I love how it's back every June.
Like it's keeping a promise.
Like Terminator.

This year I'm actually pretty happy with the early arrival of rain since I pretty much was ready to slap summer in the face.
And everything looks cleaner and greener.

So how do I truly feel about rain? Deep within my heart?
Well, rain and I can be friends as long as I'm indoors.
And if I'm going out, a little heads up would be great.
But, as we all know weather forecasts are almost never correct.
Which sort of defeats the purpose of a forecast.
And that's risky business, people.


But then, I came across the Authentic Weather App.
Now they may call themselves Authentic and sound fancy and true but they're just like any other weather app. 
Sometimes it's right. Sometimes it's wrong.
Which sounds a little like me.
Which isn't such a bad thing.

Here's to a good monsoon, no water problems, and to feeling like global warming hasn't affected us yet.

Monday, June 2, 2014


It isn't raining yet in Bombay.
Which is not great.

But it is pouring classes at Tangerine Arts Studio.
And that's just super!

So, if you're into fitness and want to take an exercise or dance class, you should check out the June schedule.
They've got a wide range of classes to choose from - Zumba, Yoga, Belly dance, Salsa, Bollywood Contemporary dance, Indian classical music & Pilates.
And fun weekend workshops too.

So, this season don't sit at home because it's raining and you can't go jogging anymore.
And don't believe that watching fitness shows is going to help you get in shape.
Unless the shape you're aiming for is that of a potato.

Get fit this monsoon.

Tangerine Arts Studio
2nd Floor, Rukhsana, Near Puja Casa, Nargis Dutt Road, Pali Hill, Bandra, Mumbai
Facebook   |   Twitter   |   Instagram

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Monday

Good Morning Deer.

And the Rest of you Animals.

I'm one year older. 

The cake is over.

We have a new Prime Minister. 

And it's Monday.

I don't own a flux capacitor.

But since Saturday, I do own a hula hoop.

Time to shake it off and have a great week.

Video by me.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Birthday weekend

It was my birthday yesterday but I'm pretending that it's not over yet.
Because it ain't over till it's over.
But it is over so that didn't make any sense.
I just wanted to throw in a Lenny Kravitz song title.

The birthday was amazing.
I had everyone singing to my tune (see video)

To summarise it was full of




What more could a girl ask for?

I don't just love presents for obvious reasons but because it's like a test of friendship.
It tells me how well someone knows me.
So if a friend got me nothing, well, thats -100 points to Slytherin.

And now I'm just writing nonsense so I can go back to pretending it ain't over.

Have a good weekend!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Crazy nails

So here's the truth - I hate painting my nails.
I have done a manicure twice in my life.
Once for my sister's wedding (because I believed that all the guests had come just to see the bride's sister's nails) and once when a friend forced me to get one (I didn't have a choice).

So why have I dolled up my nails just twice in close to 3 decades?
Well, it's too much effort.
Nailpolish takes a lifetime to dry.
It only looks perfect for maybe 2-3 days.
And since I am not ambidextrous, the nails on my left hand look like they were painted while I was blindfolded and was trying to hit a pinata (my nails) with a stick (the nailpolish) and missed.

But then my friend (the manicure forcer) gifted me a pack of Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish strips.
Not only are they awesome with their wide range of patterns but they're also super easy to apply. And they don't take any time to dry. Yay!

Photo by me.
So for the next 10 days my fingernails are going to be quite houndstoothy.
I know that's not a word but there's no better way to describe it.
And since I was bored I did my toes as well.

So whether you're into nail art or even if you're not but are just bored one afternoon, give it a try.
I'd advise putting a transparent top coat just to keep it together for a little longer.
And you can take it off with regular nailpolish remover.
Watch the video if you're not convinced or are confused by my explanation.

20 Trendy Nail wraps
Available on Amazon. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Comfort Food

What do you consider to be good comfort food?
For me it's always been Pasta.
Spaghetti to be specific.

All I need is spaghetti, a homemade tomato sauce, grated cheese and a TV and I'm all set.
Don't worry, I don't eat the TV. I just watch it.
TV's don't really mix well with tomato sauce.

Pasta; It's what I eat when I'm sad, have just recovered from an illness or have come back from a long holiday and missed home.
Ok, so to be honest I just eat it all the time.
It makes me happy.

Everyone who knows me well enough knows about this love of mine.
And I have a beautiful pasta poster from Italy that hangs in my kitchen thanks to such friends.

Yesterday, while wasting my afternoon on Instagram, I came across a book called The Geometry of Pasta.
It's about Pasta.
And it doesn't take a genius to figure that out.
But it's not only about making pasta but about making the perfect pasta.
Pairing the right pasta shape with the right sauce.
And how to get it right and turn from an average cook to a great cook.
Atleast that's what it says on the website.

To me, the book looks great.
What it is, is an amazing compilation of recipes by critically acclaimed chef Jacob Kenedy and uber-cool black and white illustrations by Caz Hildebrand.
And it seems to have great reviews too.

For those of you who spill sauce over all your beautiful cookbooks, here's some good news for you  - an App is also being developed.
So you can save the book and just mess up your gadgets instead.

But till the App is available in the App store, you can cover your book with one of these beauties - the Book on Book glass cover by Tent.

Buon Appetito!

Buy the book here. And other stuff here.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Midweek Blues

For all of you going through what we call the midweek blues, I've got just what you need.
It's a website called Make everything OK.

Here's how the website works.

Click on Make Everything OK.


And you're done.

Everything is OK now.

My current problem: Trying to get off my ass and wash my hair.

Print via Etsy.
If only this website could take care of it for me.
In summer, I pretty much want to wash my hair every 5 mins.
And since I am aspiring to be Pocahontas, life is hard.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Break it down

Since I was a little girl, I've always loved dancing.
I've always been a little shy so I'd never be the first person on the dance floor but I'd get there at some point.

Growing up, I did enjoy my dance class - I think what I learnt could be categorized as Contemporary Jazz.
Later on I even went for a couple of Salsa classes which was fun.
And more recently I tried Zumba
Now I don't know whether to call it a dance class or an exercise class though it doesn't matter since what I was doing there was neither one.

But let me tell you, one of the dances I was fascinated by but never really got down to perfecting was Breakdance.
Well, to be honest that's not how the story goes.
My sister just wanted a pair of those fingerless gloves so she could pretend to be Michael Jackson and breakdance.
And me?
I just wanted to do everything she did.

And then this morning while I was browsing I came across a video of monks breakdancing in an annual tribute to Adam 'MCA' Yauch of the Beastie Boys (who was a devout Buddhist and fought for Tibetan independence).

MCA-DAY "Buddhist Monks" from KNARF® New York on Vimeo.

And then I realized what my sister and I were wanting to do wasn't breakdancing.
It was simply called - wanting to wear gloves.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Good Juicery is here to save you this summer

I have always been the biggest fan of fruit juice.
If you see my Instagram bio it says -  Graphic designer and orange juice addict.

I can go for days without drinking any water but the first thing I have to drink every morning is a glass of juice. Any fruit juice.
My favourites are orange, watermelon, sweet lime, apple and grape.
So I pretty much drink any juice as long as it's sweet and freshly squeezed.
Yes, I am a princess who doesn't like juice from cartons.

But then I came across the locally made canned juices by Good Juicery.
Ok, so they're not like the freshly squeezed juices that I'm used to enjoying.
But they're amazing and very refreshing.
They have sparkling juices available in 3 flavours - Apple, Passion Fruit and Pink Guava.
And they have no artificial colours or added preservatives.

I had had their juices at restaurants around the city and loved them.
So, when they asked me to make a video for them, I was more than thrilled.
I love juice & I love making art.
So making art for a juice company seemed pretty exciting.

From 13-15 May 2014, Good Juicery will be travelling around Mumbai in their orange Ambassador selling icy cold cans of sparkling juices to Mumbaikars in need.
Locations will be announced via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Disclaimer: Good Juicery is a client. But that's not why I am promoting their juices. They are actually good.
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